Old Earth aims to reach a balance with the tree manager, tree health and environment when prescribing treatment and maintenance solutions. As a priority, practical retention and mitigation options are explored, evaluated, and implemented. Then, where risk from structural, proximal, and decay exist, further assessment and pruning or removal are performed in order to keep people and property out of harm’s way.

Trees are sensitive organisms and experience stress from many biological and physical factors including heavy or improper pruning, topping, and stem or branch injury. These factors can cause unnatural growth response, weak limb attachment, structural defects, diminished esthetics and value. Often a tree will require a schedule of maintenance to achieve and maintain vigor, splendor and an attractive structure while considering the healing capabilities of the tree.

Old Earth specializes in corrective pruning, tree retention, risk mitigation; young tree development, maintenance and management solutions for home, business or estate. Old Earth is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), as well as Tree Risk Assessment Qualified and carry liability insurance. We are pleased to offer professional pruning, climbing and consulting services to the St. John’s area.


Pruning and Tree Health

Corrective, restorative, structural and maintenance pruning. Cable, bracing and mechanical support systems. Crane work, technical rigging, and directional control for complex pruning or removal, storm and tree failure services.


Risk assessment, aerial assessment, pest, pathogen and decay evaluation/analysis, municipal permit acquisition and reporting. Development site planning, management solutions, valuation, inventory and advice for planting or transplanting.


Professional climbing services for arboriculture, film, research and cat rescue.